Insurance Policies in Cambridge, Maryland

To protect your financial assets we provide and offer policies from quality insurance companies to assist our clients in finding the best coverage for their money. We offer auto, home, farm, business, boat, RV, jet skis, motorcycles, flood, and workers compensation insurance.
Father Playing Soccer with Daughter — Home Owners Insurance in Cambridge, MD

Home Owners Insurance

Keep your home and family protected when you choose the right home-owners policy from Mullaney Insurance, Inc. At Mullaney Insurance, Inc., we understand that your home is one of your most important assets, that's why we want to help you keep it protected when you need it the most. We protect our clients from natural incidents such as hail, storms, and earthquakes. Our polices are also designed to cover theft, fire, water damage, and much more. Talk with one of our professionals today to help you choose the best plan for you and your wallet.

Renters' Insurance

Whether you rent an apartment or a home, you still need it to be protected. Your landlord's coverage will not cover your belongings. With our renters' insurance policies, you can have a peace of mind knowing that your belongings will be protected against unexpected damages or losses. Contact Mullaney Insurance, Inc. today to discuss the renters insurance coverage that best meets your needs.
Family at Home — Renters Insurance in Cambridge, MD
Happy Family — Auto Insurance in Cambridge, MD

Auto Insurance

Make sure you and your family are protected while out on the road with our auto insurance policies. When you choose an auto policy from Mullaney Insurance, Inc., you will get the confidence and protection you need when you're behind the wheel. With our auto insurance policies, it's as if we're there with you every time your drive. Call us today and one of our agents will go over your options.

Recreational Vehicles Insurance

When you own a boat or an RV, you want to make sure it is protected should something go wrong. With Mullaney Insurance, Inc., you can be sure that your recreational vehicle will be protected when the unexpected happens. Our plans are designed to cover motorcycles, jet skies, classic cars, boats, and RV's. Call us today to get started on finding the best coverage for your investments.
Family Standing Next to RV — Vehicles Insurance in Cambridge, MD
Commercial Building — Commercial Insurance in Cambridge, MD

Commercial Insurance

Mullaney Insurance, Inc. offers commercial insurance that is ideal for your new or small to medium business. When you own a business, you want to make sure you are completely covered in the event of a damage or lawsuit. We also offer worker's compensation to make sure your employees are covered in the event of work related injuries and illnesses. Worker's compensation also makes sure your business is protected against legal matters. Finding the right coverage for your business should not keep you up at night. Contact our agency today, and we will make sure you understand how our policies work.

Life Insurance

When you choose a life insurance policy from Mullaney Insurance, Inc., you can rest assured knowing you will be covered for life. We offer life insurance policies that give you and your family the financial stability you need for the future. Visit our office or call us today to go over the available life insurance plans we have for you.
Multi-generation Family — Life Insurance in Cambridge, MD
Doctor and Woman at Hospital — Health Insurance in Cambridge, MD

Health Insurance

Going to the doctor shouldn't cost you an eye and arm. When you're feeling ill, you need to have the freedom of treating yourself without being burdened on how much it'll cost you. You've got enough on your plate and worrying about your health should be the last thing on your mind. That's why we offer health insurance plans that keep you and your family healthy and your wallet happy. Call our experts today to receive a free quote on our health insurance policies.

An Independent Insurance Agency

We have been an independent insurance agency since we opened. As an independent insurance agency, we have the ability to research quotes and obtain policies from many of the best property and casualty companies, including but not limited to:
  • Allstate
  • National Grange™
  • Peninsula™
  • Safeco™
  • Ohio Casualty™
  • Selective™
  • Cumberland
  • IWIF
  • Progressive®
  • Brethren™
  • Safeco

Our Carriers

We have compiled a roster of high quality insurance carriers who we work with daily in finding great rates for our clients. With over 20 different insurance carriers to look to, we will match your needs with the best coverage and premium.
Call us today to request a free quote on our insurance plans.